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OFCCP Audits

      Although an OFCCP Audit may be a rare experience for an individual company or unit, it is not for us. We frequently participate in the audit process. We can assist in-person at your facility, from another location (e.g. counsel’s office), or by telephone from our own offices.

We apply sophisticated statistical procedures to respond to the simplistic approach of the OFCCP, which may improperly label your employment practices as discriminatory. We explain the differences between the procedures and the resulting implications to you and, at your request, to the OFCCP.

As a result of the June 16, 2006 OFCCP Compensation Discrimination Analysis Standards, you need a knowledgeable statistician to examine the regression analyses that the OFCCP now implements. Dr. Mann, who developed the regression procedures accepted by the Supreme Court in Bazemore v. Friday, has been using regression and other related techniques in the analysis of employment discrimination and compensation data for over three decades.

You may download the documents below for the OFCCP description of the 2006 Standards for Analysis of Compensation Discrimination, the Guidelines for Analysis of Compensation Discrimination and the Voluntary Self-Analysis :

OFCCP Summary Announcement of Interpretive Standards for Systemic Compensation Discrimination
OFCCP Interpretation of EO 11246 with respect to Systemic Compensation Discrimination
OFCCP Voluntary Guidelines for Self-Evaluation of Compensation Practices under EO 11246

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