Census 2000 Occupation reports are now available!

Census 2000 Occupation data is available by residence or by worksite. The residence data is available by race, sex and geographic area. The worksite data is available by race, sex, and counties/cities of size 50,000 or more.

We are currently shipping via e-mail at a cost of $100 per report. To order your Census Book or to get additional information, call Willie Martin at 202-466-6161 or send an e-mail to

When ordering, specify each geographic area (including your choice of residence or worksite) and your billing instructions.

As more information becomes available we will post it on our website, so check back often! You may want to read more than the most recent information since an earlier update may address a topic not contained in the most recent installment.

August 15, 2003 Update
December 23, 2002 Update
September 27, 2002 Update
July 1, 2002 Update
For questions, or to order census reports, please call (Toll Free) 1-855-268-8087 or send an e-mail to us at