Our most extensive litigation experience is in the area of equal employment opportunity. We have worked on class actions and individual cases involving major companies, government agencies, small companies, schools, hospitals and public interest organizations.  Our efforts have been balanced, working for both plaintiffs and defendants. Of particular interest, we have worked for and against enforcement agencies including the Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs and the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. Dr. Mann has provided expert testimony in this area since 1971 and has testified before the United States Civil Rights Commission. He has also testified in such landmark cases as Bazemore v. Friday, Sledge v. J.P. Stevens, Chewning v. Seamans, Firestone v. Ray Marshall, Luevano v. Newman, Cope v. McPherson, Hopkins v. Price Waterhouse, Pegues v. Mississippi State Employment Service, Roberts v. Texaco and Johnson v. Reno

[Litigation Support]====================== 
Statistical evidence routinely plays a role in EEO cases. Even the most capable of personnel and legal departments usually need to supplement their resources to deal with such matters. 

[Comparative Studies]====================== 
Statistical analyses by race, sex, ethnicity and age compare that which has occurred with that which one would expect by chance. We have the in-house capability to provide external data based on U.S. Census, EEO-1 summary data, and other data sources are used in these efforts. 

We use statistical methods to determine the existence and estimate the magnitude of differences with respect to pay rates, overtime, availability, promotion opportunity, hiring rates and delays, and other conditions of employment. 

A variety of back pay procedures have been developed to take into account specific assumptions, client problems and data availability. 


[Back Pay, Front Pay & Other Forecasting]====================== 
Charles R. Mann Associates, Inc. has developed models in many areas of application including EEO. Our experience in model building and econometrics combined with our background in mathematical statistics enable us to determine both the variables of interest and the appropriate statistical techniques to be used. 

We have developed models to produce back pay damages and front pay estimates as a function of affected class, availability rate, length of period, alternative income and other variables. 

We have modeled the apprenticeship needs of unions as function of union, corporate, industrial and economic data. 

We have developed estimates of minority and female workforce representation in future years for use until the next Decennial Census. 


[Courtroom Services]====================== 
Charles R. Mann Associates, Inc. provides courtroom services including presentation, interpretation and defense of our own statistical analyses and data processing as well as analyses, interpretation, verification and explanation of adversaries' evidence and judgments. In particular, Dr. Mann has provided expert testimony in statistical analysis, equal opportunity analysis and data processing in EEO and other areas of legal application. 

[Test Validation]====================== 
Charles R. Mann Associates, Inc. can provide Industrial/Organizational Psychologists to validate test instruments currently in use or under consideration. Where data are not available, we can design the necessary study for this purpose. We have developed and processed test instruments in various fields including program evaluation and validated a selection procedure for account executives for a major national brokerage house. 

We have provided Industrial/Organizational Psychologists, as well as statistical and data processing support for a variety of complex job analyses and the subsequent development of selection procedures.

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