We can provide you with courtroom litigation services as testifying and consulting experts to present, interpret and defend our own statistical analyses as well as to analyze, interpret, verify and explain adversaries' evidence, reports and opinions. In addition to employment, we provide equal opportunity analyses for other types of disparity and for other legal matters. In particular, we have provided litigation support in connection with a wide variety of areas of the law including the following:
  • Trademark
  • Anti-Trust
  • Housing
  • Tax
  • Contract
  • Voting Rights
  • Communication
  • Labor
  • Public Accommodation
  • Jury Composition
  • Personal Injury
  • Divorce
  • Criminal matters
For reasons of efficiency and accuracy, Charles R. Mann Associates, Inc. attempts to use on-the-shelf software such as SAS, SPSS-X and BMDP. When appropriate, however, we develop new programs or modify those which we have previously written. We are experienced with both mainframe and microcomputing data processing and are able to implement whatever combination of these is most efficient in each case.
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